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Frequently asked questions...

Can't my husband or my mom just take the pictures?

Sure. But do you want your husband concerned with taking pictures or with giving you his complete attention and support? Also, when it comes down to it, he most likely will forget and understandably so since he is more concentrated on you and the baby. And don't you want him to be in the photos too? Your mom can take them as well. But would you ask your mom to take your wedding photos? Let someone who has experience with birth photography do it instead. Someone who knows how to use a camera under difficult lighting conditions, who has the right tools, the right eye, and the passion for it. Whether it is me or another birth photographer, you will not regret leaving it to the professional.

What will you do with these images?

I will use these on my web and social media page. Of course I will never post any image you do not want posted. You get to approve all images. If you do not want any pictures posted, that is ok as well.

I'm concerned about privacy, how will you respect it?

Again, you approve all images I use for my public portfolio. With regards to that day, I leave the room when you get checked, and do my best to be as out of the way as possible.

How "graphic" will the pictures be?

I only use pictures in my slideshow and on my web and social media pages that are of modest nature. We can discuss what you do and do not want at our client meeting and include it in our contract.

Do you bring bulky equipment?

I bring one camera only.

Why is birth photography so "expensive"?

The price includes me being on-call for weeks 38-42, remember, labor and delivery, unlike any other photo session, does not have a specific date or time of day, I must be ready at all times and this sometimes means cancelling appointments, postponing vacations, or having a short lived date night out with my husband. It also includes my time at the hospital, which is an average of ten hours, my time editing images and wear and tear on my camera. Most important it includes my creative eye and passion for what I do. Remember, you get what you pay for.

When do you get to the hospital?

You will let me know as soon as you start labor so I can be ready to go.  I will arrive at your birthing space when you are in active labor.  If you would like me to document earlier, we can work that out as well.  

How long do you stay?

From active labor until 1 to 2 hours after birth.

What if I get a C section?

No matter how your baby enters this world, it is miraculous and a time to be documented. Make sure to ask your doctor for permission to have me there in case a c section happens.

Do you interact with me during labor or pose me?

My approach is to document with out being in the way.  I do not pose as I prefer to let emotions happen.  

When should I hire you?

As soon as you know your due date to ensure I set weeks 38 - 42 aside for you. I usually do not overlap pregnancies so you want to make sure my time is open.

Do you accept credit cards or payment plans?


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