about me - audrey

Hi!  My name is Audrey and I am a self proclaimed birth junkie, obsessed with all things birth. I've watched so many birth stories on youtube that I believe I can deliver your baby... jk jk!  I saw both my nephews take their first breath and those have been the two most beautiful moments of my life so far.  I love God, my husband of fourteen years, and my family.  Because making people laugh makes me happy, I sometimes make a fool of myself trying.  (But don't worry, NOT in your birthing space).

I believe that there is nothing more amazing than a baby's first breath... except capturing it with my camera.                 

If you are curious to know why you should have a birth photographer, click here.  

Some random facts about myself:

- I am vegetarian with vegan tendencies

- my personality type is ENFJ, so is Oprah's... just sayin'

- any nocturne by Chopin is my jam

- my favorite tv show ever is I Love Lucy, its HILARIOUS

- currently learning to play the cello (imagine cat nails on chalkboard)

- I get severe motion sickness but I LOVE rollercoasters

- my claim to fame was being a contestant on the Price is Right

- I forcefully tried to like coffee but failed 

Although I do not like coffee, I totally dig Double Chocolaty Chip Frappaccinos (they are coffee free) from Starbucks.  Send me an email and lets grab some fraps and discuss your due date.


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